Do you have a Bunker Tank?

Is your tank behind a brick wall like this one?

Or, is your tank surrounded by a brick wall?

If your tank is behind a brick wall or surrounded by a brick wall it is called a Bunker Tank. Bunker Tanks are commonly found in commercial buildings constructed between 1910 and 1970.

Like all Tanks constructed of steel, AND THEY WILL LEAK into the sand surrounding the tank creating:

Higher Tank Removal cost because remediation is required

An Environmental liability because they will eventually leak into basements, sewers or adjoining properties.

A Bunker Tank is considered to be an UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK (UST) by the IL State Fire Marshal—Division of Petroleum and Chemical Safety (OSFM) AND by the City of Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH)

UST Definition: According to the OSFM a Tank is considered a UST if one cannot see all four sides, top and bottom. Also a Tank is considered a UST if greater than 10% of the tank is buried or covered with earth. Since one cannot see all four sides, top and bottom AND greater than 10% is buried, a Bunker Tank is a UST.

Bunker Tanks are Regulated by the OSFM and CDPH

A permit is required to Remove and Close them according to Title 41 175.830 which not only requires the physical removal of the UST but also a Site Assessment that documents the Environmental Conditions around (and in the case of a Bunker Tank) under the tank.

Remove your Bunker Tank before it leaks!

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