Let me start off by saying that we had accepted a contract to sell our beautiful vintage home. Come time for inspections we learned that there was a remote possibility that because of the age of our home an oil tank could still exist in the front yard (many homes in the area were heated by oil prior to neighborhoods switching over to natural gas). After one incompetent tank removal company was brought in by the potential buyers, they proceeded to pound copper stakes all over our front yard, and “thought” they may have found something, after wasting several hours of our time. We decided to get other quotes, and thankfully we did. We researched on line for oil tank removal companies, and one of the best rated companies was Chicago Tank Removal, owned by David *******. At our first appointment with David, he brought in a team of experts, used the appropriate sonar equipment and did all the necessary checks, and within 15 minutes showed us exactly where the tank was, he knew the size of the tank, how deep into the ground it was, and the exact distance from the house. In his traveling office he was able to show us on-line exactly the process, and thoroughly explained everything to us. We made the decision to go with Chicago Tank Removal right then there and David was able to come back in two days with his excavating team. CTR showed up exactly on time (in fact came early), and within three hours, had the excavating done, tested the tank for oil, drained it, removed and hauled away the tank, took soil samples to provide us with a clearance report, and had the area filled in and covered in top soil. The bottom line, David’s professionalism, expansive knowledge and experience, expert guidance, and good nature and calmness were absolutely top notch. David oversaw every detail and even operated the equipment himself to remove the tank. We could not recommend more highly David and the Chicago Tank Removal company.

– Chuck H.
Chicago Tank Removal is an exceptional company. David and his team did a phenomenal job in the removal of 3 USTs (Underground Storage Tanks) and cleaning up the soil due to a leak on the site of our future house of worship in Cicero, IL. As a church, we look for the best possible service at the best price. David and his team finished all the work in two day’s time and it was done with excellence. I highly recommend them for all your tank removal and soil clean up needs!
– Sergio N.
They came in promptly as scheduled and immediately got situated, informed me of their plans, and proceeded with said plans. They were able to not only get the job done quickly, but also told me what to expect with how to deal with certain problems, such as odors from the old tank. Their professionalism along with their kindness really helped in getting the job done….
– M.M.
I thoroughly vetted 2 tank removal companies and chose Chicago Tank Removal because David ( the owner) assured me the1000K residential ust could be removed without any any damage to the foundation of my 100+yr old house. David did everything he & his website states. No uncertain or hidden costs – which was especially important because removing a tank is costly; but more important was that no damaged occurred and my property was returned to its’ near original condition. A few courses of brick walkway were lost, but that was because a portion of the tank was lying under the brick, and the ground was frozen so it wasn’t feasible to remove the brick before excavating. I expected and understood that might happen, and it was something that CTR could not foresee – I mention it only so that readers know that UST(s) occasionally alter a grounds’ original state – considering its’ size and where the tank lay I’m amazed that so few bricks were damaged. With precision and in less than 6 hrs, David and his crew removed a 1K gallon tank from a 13 ft wide space. I especially thank him for doing exactly what he said he would, and after seeing him and his crew work I know I paid for a job well done.
– P.S.
Chicago Tank Removal was the right team for the job. They handled everything from locating, excavatinge, removing, recycling of the old fuel, tank removal, and then put everything back together as it looked prior to the removal. They mostly specialize in commercial tank removal and environmental work but they were solid and met our approval for our buried tank removal.
– Patrick D.
I had a oil tank removed by Chicago Tank Removal company. Very professional, great flat price, no damage to floors. They were able to schedule the removal within couple of days, which was great as I was trying to list the house for sell. Great positive experience!
– Leo. M
They removed a 1000 gallon tank from beneath our deck successfully, took the required soil samples, and put the deck back. Removal was done on the scheduled day and the deck and clean up completed in a timely fashion.
– Dave P.
Courteous and professional, I highly recommend Chicago Tank Removal. The team arrived on time and got right to work removing my 360 gallon oil tank from my crawlspace. They were able to drain about 300 gallons of oil, cut the tank into sections, clean up and complete the job within 1:45 mins.
– Jeff S.
Highly recommend Chicago Tank Removal. I spoke with 3 tank companies regarding my UST removal, got 2 quotes, and hired Chicago Tank Removal. Of the 3 companies, their pricing was the fairest, and David was by far the most knowledgable and responsive. My tank was a vaulted 2000 gallon tank in a basement so this was a significant job. They did the job in a very short time to work with my timeline, they were responsive to answer all questions I had throughout the entire process, and they provided the UST closure report as promised.
– Julie B.
Thank you CTR!!! I don’t know what I would have done with my UST if it hadn’t been for you. You explained every step of the process and carried out the removal very professionally. Also, you had a great price. I would highly recommend Chicago Tank Removal to anyone in need of a UST removal or any other of their services.
– A Google User
Chicago Tank Removal did a great job in removing the oil tank in our backyard. I would not hesitate to recommend them to remove your oil tank.Dave the owner came on time and removed the tank efficiently and left the yard in good condition. I highly recommend this company.
– Andrew Z.
Had an empty fuel oil tank in our crawl space, Called CTR – David on Tuesday, had a lump sum removal price given, over the phone, disposal team showed up on time (early as a matter of fact) on Thursday, they were done in less than 2 hours, no mess, great job! I would highly recommend.
– Dan L.
In the process of trying to sell my home, a home inspector discovered that I had an oil tank buried under my patio in the back yard….Chicago Tank Removal was the only one that provided a flat rate that included everything (disposal of tank, siphoning and disposing of fuel sludge) and promised to leave my yard as they found it. They arrived at 5:30 a.m. and completed the job by 10:30 a.m. I was pleased with the work and final results.
– Theresa T.
….we had to remove our tank. It was blocking access to a high-pressure steam pipe that had corroded and needed to be replaced….Our boiler company gave us a choice: either remove the tank so that they could get access to the corroded pipe and have heat or, not have heat….We chose CTR for the job even though they were slightly higher in price than the other companies that we interviewed. How many days would you think that it would take to remove a 1,017 gallon tank….It took four hours from the time of arrival, removed the tank, cleaned up and drove away….We completely “vetted” CTR. They were licensed with local, state and federal authorities, bonded and insured. Their references were excellent. If you need to have a tank removed, hire CTR.
– Daniel R.